# 1.12 Test-net Vs Main-Net

# The Test-Net

testnet.commercio.network (opens new window)

Testnet, as the name suggests, is an alternative network for the developers for testing purposes. You can view a testnet as a demo network for experimenting. It’s like the beta stage of a blockchain network.

A testnet is a blockchain made available for developers. It allows anyone to conduct experiments without wasting real currency.

A testnet is like a demo network where tokens do not have any value, like Monopoly™ game money.

You can easily test out any app on a testnet because it provides you a sandbox environment separate from the main blockchain. You don’t need to worry about breaking things, actually it is incentivized to try to break it, since it improves overall security without disrupting things.

Joining a testnet allows you to run and control your own node. Testnets are alternative blockchains for development purposes. You will be able to get Play money tokens you need on your testnet through a faucet.

Since testnets are separate blockchains, the best practice is to have a different wallet addresses from mainnet.

# The Main-net

mainnet.commercio.network (opens new window)

Mainnet is the complete opposite of the testnet. Mainnet is the main blockchain of Commercio.network. If someone says Commercio mainnet, it means the real Commercio blockchain.

Unlike testnet which is an open network for testing purposes, mainnet is the real deal. Commercio Tokens on the mainnet have real economic value.

# Differences between Test-net and Main-net

  • Mainnet is the “real” cryptocurrency network. Whereas testnet is an alternative dummy network for testing purposes.
  • The tokens on testnet do not have any monetary value, on the other hand, tokens on the mainnet have monetary values.
  • Mainnet and testnet tokens are not compatible with each other. You cannot bring mainnet tokens to testnet. Likewise, you cannot send testnet tokens to mainnet.
  • Testnet allows anyone to run a validator node, on the contrary you need to join the consortium to be a validator on main-net
  • Mainnet is more strict about implementing rules as it deals with tokens that have real economic value. But testnet provides you more flexibility to work with.
  • The genesis block for the mainnet is different from the genesis block of the testnet. Because although they both work on the same protocol, they are two different blockchains.