# 1.7 Consortium Governance

A Blockchain project needs governance to coordinate its efforts to manage short and long term success. Some projects in the crypto space are doing amazing social experiments and innovation with governance. Cosmos hub is one of them. Some projects look at the past to find solutions.

In 2018 (before Libra) we decided to adopt a century old way to organize governance among a group of independent entities: A Consortium a Latin word, meaning “partnership”

The Consortium usually starts with a set of rules Membership acceptance criteria

  • Blockchain minimum Infrastructure requirements
  • Participant Compliance
  • Economic incentives
  • Legal policies

The majority of its members can decide anytime to change any rule. Our Blockchain’s Consortium is called Commercio Consortium and it is open to any company in the world that wishes to become a Validator Node and join us on our journey to secure, exchange and sign business documents in a Decentralized, Immutable and Unstoppable Documents Blockchain.

# Commercio is not just a Network…

It’s something more.

The success of companies like Uber and Airbnb has shown that there is more value contained in a network of participants who exchange transactions between them than in physical assets. Thanks to a network, Uber and Airbnb have become respectively the largest taxi company and hotel chain in the world without owning a single asset: a taxi or a hotel. Of course, most of the value created in the centralized networks is centralized by the network operators rather than distributed to the entire network of participants. Uber and Airbnb are valued billions of dollars and the majority of the value is rightfully in the hands of its creators and only a fraction of the value is in the hands of network participants.

Our goal is to create a Blockchain with a token that increases in value if the network grows and it is used to incentivize the main two activities needed to build and growth a network:

  • Manage the nodes that keep this network alive.
  • Invite other members to join this network.

Through the Commercio token all active participants can benefit in proportion to their level of participation in its creation. This token aligns the interest of all participants, who may be competitors, to actively collaborate to create and foster the growth of the network.

# Who can Join our Consortium

A Blockchain requires that the network is fully decentralized. Companies from different countries, industries and sectors are welcomed to join and work together to help release its potential:

  • Documents Management Companies
  • Documents Software Companies
  • Blockchain Companies (Especially Professional validators)
  • Large Companies and Small Startups

The Consortium is, and will always be, composed by independent companies that will manage the nodes and help us to develop our network. If you are a company and would like to join our Consortium of validator nodes please go to Commercioconsortium.org (opens new window) and sign-up to get more information.