# 1.10 Stable Chain and Stable Coin

# Stable Chain

The Commercio.network Blockchain is an Enterprise-grade third generation blockchain that removes some complexity problems of second generation blockchain like BitCoin or Ethereum:

Any transaction Cost on our chain is defined in EURO and it costs €0.01 which makes it maybe the first StableChain in history.

# Stable Coin

We have a second native cryptocurrency called Commercio Cash Credit (CCC) which will be used to make Euro transactions on the Blockchain.

  • CCC will be generated on Commercio.network by providing Commercio Tokens as collateral.
  • The CCC is a Stable Coin because it has the objective of maintaining an exchange ratio always 1 : 1 with the Euro
  • 1 CCC = €1
  • CCCs were created to make life easier for companies that do not want to face exchange rate risk or do not want to hold floating value cryptocurrencies for business reasons.
  • If a company, for example, sends a document to one of its customers, it will spend 0.01 CCC to invite a user and 0.01 CCC to share the document and therefore only spend €0.02 in total.
  • Every single transaction on the Blockchain costs €0.01, for example: creating an identity, creating a secure connection between two companies, sharing a document, signing a document, etc.
  • There may be functions performed by entities outside the Blockchain, such as archiving and deleting a document. In this case the cost of the transaction may vary depending on the cost of the service offered.
  • Since the value of 1 CCC is automatically maintained at €1, it may be even possible to buy a coffee with 1 CCC or any service that accepts it as an alternative currency to the fiat currency.
  • CCC can be generated ONLY through a Native Smart Contract (CommercioMINT) by invoking a specific function called CDP that will place as collateral a quantity of Token defined on the basis of the market value of the Token.
  • When a company uses a CCC the Validating Nodes will accept them as an alternative payment to the Tokens.
  • So a company may be able to use the Blockchain Commercio.network without ever having to buy market price Tokens but only CCC by exchanging them at a ratio of 1:1 for a € in Fiat currency.
  • In the future, if CCC crypto currency will be widespread and accepted, it is expected that it can also be exchanged for products and services by any member of the network.