# 1.9 The Commercio Token (COM)

Commercio.network is a sovereign network that has its own native crypto currency which serves for:

  • Incentivize users to manage the nodes of this network
  • Incentivize users to grow this network by inviting other users.

Through this cryptocurrency all active participants can benefit from the growth of the network, because it captures the value of the network.

The Token is an essential and central element in our projects. It is a cryptoecomics agent that aligns the interest of all participants, (who, BTW can also competitors) to actively collaborate to create and foster the growth of the network itself.

# A new type of Token

We have developed a completely new type of token that encourages network growth and discourages freeriders, called Commercio Token (COM).

The Token allows access to the Blockchain Commercio.network encourages the active use of the token itself and discourages its hoarding for speculative purposes.

The two Problems to be solved

# 1. Managing the network

How to encourage companies to manage and maintain network nodes?

On Commercio.network the network security will be entrusted to a special type of node called Validator Node. A Validator Node stakes the token to have the right to perform the validation work of the Blockchain.

The Commercio Token, compared to a classic token utility, aims to improve the creation of value of distributed networks, as it disincentives the presence of speculators looking for a free income and encourages active participation.

# 2. Growing the network

How to encourage the use of the network by companies and increase the membership of the network by bringing in other participants?

The fact that to exchange documents, a company must necessarily invite another company, already has a strong level of inherent virality, but the speed of growth is organic.

Adding a level of incentives that can motivate all network members to bring in new participants will have even stronger growth effects.

If the act of inviting someone to join the network generates an economic opportunity, it is possible that the network will grow faster.

Commercio Token (Available in version 1.0)

Commercio.network has its own native cryptocurrency called Commercio Token with an issue limited to 60 million units.

# Token Economics

  • Our Token is a Crypto Currency (exactly like BTC or ETH) of a sovereign Blockchain, has as Symbol COM, has a value determined by the market.

  • The currency is divisible in millionths (6 decimals) and this fraction of currency is called uCommercio (pronounced miu Commercio) This crypto currency may be freely exchanged for fiat currency or other crypto currency on any Digital Exchange that lists it.

  • The main purpose of the Token is to be a unit of value that can be placed on stake to secure the network of Commercio.network.

  • A second purpose may also be to act as a collateral for the creation of a second token called Commercio Cash Credits (CCC) a stable coin created specifically to allow companies to make a transaction on the Blockchain.

  • A third Purpose may be to purchase any service that accepts it as an alternative currency to the fiat currency, but the majority of companies using the Blockchain will use the CCC since it is a €1 stable coin, and do not have price fluctuations.

  • The Token, with a minimum quantity of 50,000 units and for a minimum period of 21 days, if put in Stake by a validator node allows you to earn other Tokens through two mechanisms of Reward: Validation fees(FEE) and Validation Block rewards (VBR).

  • Validation Fee (FEE) are commissions that are issued by the system to those who perform the work of validating transactions during the consent process. The commissions collected during each block are distributed EQUALLY among the Validator Nodes that are validating the transactions.

  • Validation Block rewards (VBR) is a mechanism that distributes a reserve of 12.5 million tokens that are distributed to all validator nodes for each Validated Block, regardless of the number of transactions contained in it. These rewards are PROPORTIONALLY distributed among the Validator Nodes according to the number of tokens they have staked.

  • If the Validator node is not active, does not participate in the voting or does not behave honestly , by validating two transactions in the same block, it will suffer progressive losses of its stake assets according to the rules (Slashing Conditions - see for details https://github.com/commercionetwork/slashing (opens new window) ) established by the consensus protocol.