# 2.1 The Seed of freedom

Not needing a trusted third party is something radically new for our society. When something of value is exchanged, we are all used on relying on trusted third parties. We, as individuals and companies, are also used on paying for these services. Bitcoin popularized the "be your own bank" concept. This is great because we are now able to imagine a future without corporative monopolies ruling our lives, no big brother following every move we make, every breath we take...

We are talking about freedom.

Now the important question is, what is the tradeoff for this freedom? Apparently is free, since anyone can create their own account on a blockchain using a mathematical formula and 24 words seed phrase, but in reality it is not. There is a hidden cost that only few people in the blockchain space usually talks about:

# There's No Forgot your password On the Blockchain.

If you lose your 24 words seed phrase to re-generate your wallet, everything you own is lost forever. Anyone who owns a cryptocurrency private key will tell you that it’s not a good idea to have it stored on any computer. Better to have it written on a piece of paper and lock it on a safe or in a specialized hardware wallet equipment. This makes it not convenient for the 99.9% of the ordinary people and companies.

This is a fundamental, show stopping problem, that anyone in the space is ignoring and pretending it does not exist. Why? Because it is difficult problem to solve!

Commercio.network mission is to bring the Blockchain technology to give companies the freedom to own their one data, therefore for us is essential to mitigate the I lost my key problem. Unlike other blockchain projects, not solving it, it's luxury commercio.network does not have. We need to solve it, or we do not have an enterprise user on the first place. We have devised two solutions, one short term and the second more long term.

# Two Solutions, one problem

CommercioAccount is a short term solution, where we put all your precious 24 words cryptographic seed of freedom, on a special piece of paper: Your smartphone. People tend to care about their smartphone and consider it a precious asset, since it carries all their lives. All modern smartphones have a Secure Enclave Chip, that fits perfectly to our purpose. We will still force our users to back it up on paper as soon it is essential to do so.

Commercio.platform is a long term solution, where your precious 24 words seed of freedom, is backed up in a shared security cloud. This is still a solution in the works, it has some tradeoffs, but we are really investing to provide the best enterprise blockchain solution ever.

The following sub chapters will describe in extra detail how to create a wallet on your mobile device and perform all transactions on any Cosmos SDK based Blockchain, like Commercio.network. Once the commercio.platform will be released we will add all info on that as well, for now let's focus on the HD Wallet, our seed of Freedom.

You will learn to:

  • Generate an HD Wallet
  • Import an HD Wallet
  • Receive Token to a QR code of Your Address
  • Request Free Tokens from a Faucet
  • Check an account balance
  • Send a Token to another address
  • Stake your Token to become a Validator
  • Unbound your Token to end being a Validator


It is essential to follow all the chapters in the precise order and sequence, since the steps have dependencies and are all cross related to each other.