# 1.5 Immutable Trasactions

Immutability refers to something which can never be modified or deleted.

Commercio.network is a shared ledger where block transactions are included by consensus among the chain’s participants and never changed.

Each block of transactions on the chain uses a cryptographic principle (hash value). That hash value is an alphanumeric string generated by each block separately. Every block has a hash or digital signature for itself and also for the previous one. This certify that blocks can not be changed and thus are immutable.

Cryptography + Blockchain Hashing Process = Immutability If any data on any transaction is tampered with by one of the chain’s participants, it will be single out and the reason will be readily identified. This feature is what separates blockchain from traditional databases, where information can be modified or deleted with ease.

# Why my company should care about Immutability

Immutability has the ability to redefine the overall data auditing process and makes it more efficient, cost-effective and brings more trust and integrity to the data.

Complete Data Integrity Commercio.network blockchain can guarantee the full history and document trail among its participants: once a ShareDoc transaction joins the blockchain, it stays there as a representation of the ledger up to that point in time. This allows organizations and its industry regulators to quickly detect data tinkering.

Simplified Auditing Commercio.network is able to produce the complete, indisputable history of a transactional ledger that allows for an easy and efficient auditing process. Proving that data has not been tampered with is a major benefit for companies that need to comply with industry regulations. Some common use cases include supply chain management, finance etc.

Increase in efficiencies Maintaining a full historical record on Commercio.network is not only a boon to auditing, but also provides new opportunities in query, analytics, and overall business processes.

Proof of Fault Disputes over fault in business are increasing exponentially The construction industry only accounts endless disputes. While Commercio.network won’t solve alone this mountain of legal proceedings, it could be leveraged to prevent a majority of disputes related to data provenance and integrity (essentially proving who did what and at what time).