# 1.11 Token issuance

The Blockchain Commercio.network unlike a fiat currency like € or $ that has no emission limits (inflationary) has a fixed supply of 60 million tokens.

There are only 60 million tokens on the Commercio Blockchain. This number is written in the genesis Block and can never be changed (not inflationary).

On 2 may 2019 the Token Generation Event (TGE) 60 million tokens have been minted by commerc.io srl and they will be distributed as follows:

% Receivers Purpose # Token Type
4,17 Commerc.io srl Founders 2,5 Millions (locked)
4,17 Commerc.io srl Development team 2,5 Millions (locked)
5,83 Commerc.io srl Technical and Marketing Advisors 3,5 Millions (locked)
2,5 Commerc.io srl External Security Team 1,5 Millions (locked)
16,66 Validators pre-sale by commercioconsortium.org members Secure transactions 10 Millions (Unlocked)
25 Public Use of Services 15 Millions (Unlocked)
20,83 Accreditation Block Rewards Invite new members 12,5 Millions (pool)
20,83 Validators Block Rewards Block validation 12,5 Millions (pool)
100 TOTAL (maxCoin) 60 Millions