# 2.6 Share your QR Code

Wallet address are pretty compex stuff to write down or remember:


If you ask someone for Tokens you need to give them your address. If you just provide them with even one digit or one letter wrong your money is lost forever. One way to share an address is copy paste it and message them. Or you can just show then or print a QR code to scan.

Here's how to do it.

# Use cases

Generate the QR code of your address in your Android and iOS device.

# Tools

The Sacco library, our own open source tool to sign and send transactions to any Cosmos SDK based blockchain, including Commercio.network.

The qrscan, a Flutter plugin to scanning.

# Functions and APIs

  • Wallet derive.

# Step by step sequence

  1. Execute Wallet the derive function to generate the wallet;
  2. Get your address;
  3. Finally, generate the QR code.

# Code Examples

Here's an example of the implementation in all the available languages.

# Dart

import 'package:qrscan/qrscan.dart' as scanner;

final wallet = Wallet.derive(mnemonic, networkInfo);
final address = wallet.bech32Address;

final qrCode = await scanner.generateBarCode(address);